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An exterior architectural renderings is a 3d still image created in computer software of the architectural design. The exterior renderings shows the buildings that will be built in the future. Architectural exterior rendering usually shows the buildings in different atmosphere and lighting. Exterior rendering also used for community development plans as well as city design.

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Questions About 3D Exteriors

Can you emerge the photo into the background?2022-08-19T04:17:50+00:00

This is usually called photomontage exterior rendering. Since the final resolution is 5000pixels, therefore, if you may need the exterior project to be photomontage project, a higher resolution background image will be needed.


Do you have references for different lighting?2022-08-19T04:17:30+00:00

Yes. We have .Feel free to ask us for any references that you may need. We have worked on all kinds of exterior rendering projects since 2019. You can select the effect based on our renderings if needed.

Can you make the project model if I have the CAD drawings?2022-08-19T04:16:44+00:00

Yes. We can build the project model based on your CAD drawings. The most important files that we need is the floor plan, elevations as well as the sections. For exterior renderings, we usually only build the model that can be seen in the 3d view.

How can we start?2022-08-19T04:16:22+00:00

To start an exterior rendering project, you can contact us directly and send all the details that you have. For regular progress, kindly click this to get our working progress.

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