1. Project information stage

Before kicking off the project, we will need to work on all the project information with you. The rendering image angles, the model information( DWG files), we also need the materials, light conditions as well as the site information. We will discuss this first before starting. A well prepared team is the key point for the smooth working procedure.

2. Modeling stage and rough materials apply

Once we get all the necessary information to start, we will start working one the model. If the DWG files are provided, we will make the model on our side. Then we will send a rough draft for confirming the angles and model. In this stage, we need to make sure the angles and model are correct. At the same time, all the rough materials will be applied. Then you can indicate out the incorrect ones, which will save us a lot of time for the next stage.

  1. Rendering postproduction

After confirming the model and angle. The lighting ambience should be applied to us. We will proceed to the next stage. In which we will detail the building materials, set the lighting ambience, put the furnitures , people as well as the plants. In the rendering postproduction stage, we will have several rounds of revision until we confirm all the effect and details.

4 Final Rendering

After confirming all the visualization effect, the final rendering will be started. At this final stage, a high resolution realistic rendering will be finished.