Exterior renderings is an important part in the architectural visualization. Exterior renderings are usually used to show the building design, the landscape or the entire city planning. Usually we can divide the exteriors into three different types.

  1. Master Plan Exterior Rendering

Master plan rendering which also called site plan is mainly to show the entire city planning. Usually a master plan rendering will be needed for large project development. When render a master plan, the camera will be located at a very high location which can barely shows the building design.


  1. Aerial Rendering

For some high rise project or mix-use projects, an aerial view is often needed. When it comes to aerial rendering, the camera usually at a height above 3 meters. Aerial rendering shows the building or project in a distance. For visualizer, they need to pay more attention to the relationship between the project itself and the surroundings.

  1. Eye Level View

Eye level view which also call street view almost can be used in different kinds of project. For small house exteriors, eye level rendering can show the design very clearly. For some complex projects, eye level rendering can also show the partial design closely. Usually the camera height is lower than 1.8m. For visualizer, they need to focus more about the building itself, mainly the textures as well as the colors.


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