Usually at the beginning of an architectural project, there always will be a need for getting the project estimates before submitting your project to your client. Or you may need to calculate the marketing budget for your development marketing. For making your architectural visualization budget to be more precise, it will be better to know which factors will affect the 3d render price before asking for a 3d render quote


  1. Modelling workload.


If you have the project model, the workload for the modelling work will be not that much. The visualizer only need to tidy the model and make small adjustments if your model is complete. This will also save a lot of working time for your visualizer. If you do not have the project model, only the drawings, usually the cost for your rendering will be higher. Therefore, better to list what you have before asking a 3d render quote from your visualization supplier.


  1. Revisions


Usually before the final renderings, there will be several rounds of revisions. Usually some small change will not affect the rendering cost. But if the design will be changed in the working process, better to notice that it will also affect your rendering cost. Changing the design will also caused additional workload for both modelling and rendering.


  1. Your final resolutions.


If the final rendering image need to be printed, sometimes, a higher resolution may needed. Usually the final renderings will be around 5000pixles, which is suitable for almost all printing need. If your rendering resolution need to be higher. Better to take that into account for getting the 3d render quote.


There three factors are all the normal factors that will affect the architectural rendering quotation. Heroom offers you all kinds of architectural visualization service including residential, office, mixed-use as well as public space renderings. For more detailed 3d render quotation, kindly contact us via email or phone call. We would like to explain more.