Nowadays 3D renderings have been widely used in different industries. Before the spaces are actually built, the 3D renderings can be a necessary tool for designer, architects, home builders, real estate agent as well as the developer to show the spaces. However, most of the companies do not have a full time employee to fulfil their rendering needs. 3D visualization images does not only need an expert to work on the renderings, but also require a powerful rendering equipment. Outsourcing means a company will handle the rendering work to a renderings company so that they do not have to hire an employee or equip all the renderings tools.

As a Chinese rendering company, we would like to pick up 5 tips when outsource 3D rendering in China.


  1. Get well prepared before outsourcing.


To get started very smoothly, it will be better for you to prepare all the design materials in advance which including the design models, textures, project locations…etc. With all information provided, it can save a lot of time for your rendering providers. Especially when you are in a different time zone with China. With all documents prepared, the rendering company can easily start the rendering work.


  1. Take advantage of the time difference.

China is in Asia, if you are in North America or European countries, there will be a time difference in which you can use. You can just give your feedback on the 3D renderings whenever you have time as soon as the Chinese rendering supplier can get before their morning time, then you will get the renderings in your morning time. This gives a lot of convenience for your rendering timeline.


  1. Make sure about the rendering cost and turnaround time.

Before the project, contact with the rendering companies agent to get the exact renderings cost. Be sure to know what change will cause additional cost so that you can be very clear to make a budget. Tell your turnaround time in advance so that your rendering supplier can give a proper arrangement.


  1. Talk about NDA as well as the other guarantees.


In most cases, the 3D renderings projects are for the buildings or designs that have not been built. Some designs will be very confidential, it will be necessary to sign the NDA as well as other terms to keep the project confidential.


  1. Outsource your 3D rendering to the right company in China.

There are many rendering companies in China, be sure to outsource to the proper team. Make sure their work is stable and easy to communicate. In most cases, better to check their renderings work before outsourcing.


As a professional 3D rendering studio in China, Heroom CG always pay more attention to our working quality and we have mature working process.