How much is an architectural rendering cost? This is actually the first question that the client would ask before starting a project. We would like to discuss the average cost regarding the high quality realistic renderings from our own perspective.


When it comes to high quality photo realistic renderings, the 3D rendering price will range from about 500USD to 5000USD in the whole world, in Heroom, the price ranges mainly depends on the project types as well as the project scale.


Exterior Renderings- The 3D rendering price for the exterior projects can ranges. For large master plan projects, mainly the city planning project. The renderings need to show the whole city. This requires pretty a lot of work for the rendering companies. The price can go up to 2000USD for one image. But for small facade exterior renderings, the workload is actually not that much. Usually a price will start at 500USD. To understand the workload, you can simply click on the workflow to review.


Interior Renderings-Interior rendering cost is actually depends on the interior space, like small master room space or big public office space. The price range is not very large compare to the exterior project. Price usually starts from 600USD.


This is only a simple explanation for the rendering cost. As a professional rendering studio in China, our specialist would love to give you a free quote on your visualization projects. Kindly contact for more information for any questions.